Marine Products Lubricants

We at Lube-point pride ourselves as a great source for marine products and consumables, at our customers disposal is a truly one-stop-shop for all your deck and engine consumables. Lube-point supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of technical, industrial and navigation stores for the marine market, ranging from mooring rope and wires, to marine paints and tools, to electrical spares and instruments – the list is endless.

We have being engaged in the Nigeria maritime products supplies for 20years, we have the expertise and experience to undertake any product and services supplies.

marine products lubricants

Marine products lubricants

Marine Lubricants

Lube-point is one of the largest marine products lubricants and fuel suppliers in Nigeria and a strategic partner of major marine lubricant manufacturers.

We offer premium OEM-approved brands at the best possible prices. Our highly experienced lubricants team is available around the clock to address the unique needs of each and every customer.

QUALITY: We ensure product quality and find the best product options for your lifting pattern

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: We deliver outstanding technical support; Other approved miscible alternative products when supply is limited

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We are a physical distributor across the globe and require highest HSE standards from our selected partners

SAFETY & RELIABILITY: We ensure safe working practices, every time

COST SAVING: Leverage our global volume to take advantage of strategic buying opportunities

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Extend individual credit lines to our contracted customers and spot buyers

We provide Fuel and Lubricants to thousands of vessels in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Today’s complex marine world makes more demands of cylinder lubrication than ever. Lubepoint engineers can help you navigate through this challenging world with straightforward advice about the right solution to protect your vessel’s engines under even the most severe operating conditions.

The challenges of slow steaming, varying fuel sulphur levels, feed-rate optimisation, and an imbalance between feed rate, fuel sulphur and lubricant Base Number (BN) can lead to costly engine damage. Our experts are on hand to help you achieve the right balance and to control the risks of cylinder liner and piston-ring damage.

The range of lubricants we carry are from the worlds leading providers of marine lubricants

  • Shell
  • Mobil
  • Castrol
  • Chevron
  • Sinopec
  • LubeMax


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