At lube-point we create value by giving attention to details, Lube-point is driven to achieve its clients’ most ambitious growth goals through:

Custom Market Intelligence

Lube-point is renowned for its ability to gather unique market, customer and competitive insights when others cannot. Leveraging its industry expertise and comprehensive research capabilities, Lube-point collaborates with clients to develop sound strategies to win in existing and new markets.

Strategic Consulting

Lube-Point strategy planning services leverage a dynamic fact-base and advanced business analytics to support clients’ strategic decision-making.  As each engagement is customized to meet client-specific needs, Lube-point ensures that our client teams receive solid facts, rigorous analytics and are armed with actionable plans leading to successful execution and sustainable business success.

Industrial services and Applications

We work with highly experienced and diverse group of professionals that has tremendous experience in industrial automation, production engineering, oil and gas services, we do not have limitations to expertise and we will take any project from the very beginning and deliver as expected.

We particularly have competence in industrial applications, developing custom processes and specialty services, these includes but not limited to

  1. Oil and Gas Chemicals
  2. Industrial and marine chemicals
  3. Industrial consumables
  4. Instrumentation and industrial designs
  5. Welding and Fabrications
  6. Detailed engineering designs and analysis.
  7. Custom Modula units including mobile refineries.

Contact us in every Epoxy Oilserv Office in Nigeria and the USA

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