See What Improper Mixing of Epoxy Coating Can Cause

See What Improper Mixing of Epoxy Coating Can Cause 

See What Improper Mixing of Epoxy Coating Can Cause 

Proper mixing of Epoxy coating is critical to the optimum success of your project. When the coating components are improperly mixed, the chemical reaction is out of balance, and the presence of excess reactant can cause a visual change in the material. The most visually obvious and physical cases result in a coating material that does not cure; the material remains unreacted and, essentially, wet. Another example of an immediate visual change is cracking, which can occur quickly, as the two components are reacting and creating a film that is more severe than the intended coating.

There are numerous reasons why proper curing may not occur. Listed below are some of the mistakes that happen on project sites, precisely mistakes that are due to improper mixing of Epoxy coating.

Moisture Has Come In Contact With The Resin Or Hardener: Be sure that your mixing utensils and bowls are clean and dry before starting. The least amount of water can influence resin in a negative way.

Not Using An Electrical Mixer Mistake. Most often people seem to think that stirring the Epoxy component with a stick or shaking the bucket will in some way create a uniform mix of the epoxy. Epoxy mixing actually requires significant power in order to get a uniform product. Except the quantity is very small, you must always use a mixer. If you don’t have an electrical mixer you can order one from GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria.

Do Not Mix An Entire Unit At Once: Remember that Epoxies set much faster at warmer temperatures unless your experience has proven that you can mix a batch this size under the conditions that you are working, always start by mixing small batches and gradually increase your batch sizes as needed and do not use Epoxy on unclean or unsound surfaces.

Storing Your Epoxies In Hot Areas: Never make the mistake of storing your Epoxies in hot areas, storage at hot temperatures will shorten the shelf life and remember to allow extra time for Epoxy to cure when working at lower temperatures.

The Product Expiration Mistake. Epoxy products that are near or past their shelf life expiration tend to have the fillers drop into the bottom of the pack. This leads to the so called muddy bottom of the bucket. If you want to use the product you need to tip it into a new bucket and properly scrape the bottom. Then mix thoroughly before applying. Otherwise the product stuck at the bottom will never be mixed properly, and you could get sticky patches on the floor.

Be sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you have. Please do not stir Epoxy only by hand, instead use an electric mixer of proper size, as proper mixing of the two Epoxy components is very important.

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